ShenTech Bootcamp

January 2 - 19, 2024

Join our next-level global adventure
Bring your innovative products to life in Shenzhen

The ShenTech Bootcamp in Shenzhen, China is a next-level challenge for high-achieving startup founders, students and aspiring entrepreneurs to maximize business potential using innovation strategies, hands-on activities and network experiences designed to turn your ideas into market-ready products and services that can address global challenges. 

Hands-on innovation activities

Build your product in Shenzhen’s cutting-edge labs and prototyping facilities.

Network with Shenzhen's ecosystem

Connect with market experts, investors and startups through behind-the-scenes tours​.

Maximize your entrepreneurial potential

Gain the essential skills for building and launching a successful startup.

What's in Store
Shenzhen's Entrepreneurial Journey

Join us for an exclusive 18-day program in Shenzhen, China from January 2 to 19, 2024, and unlock a world of opportunities in one of the world’s foremost technology, manufacturing, and research hubs. Our partnership with leading innovation collaborators in Shenzhen will empower you to enhance your skills and capabilities across various domains, including industrial innovation, technology transfer, talent exchange, incubation, and more.

With a curriculum co-developed alongside Shenzhen InnoX Academy, you’ll gain the knowledge and experience needed to become an entrepreneur and immerse yourself in the world of technology innovation. When you become a part of this prestigious ecosystem, you’ll enjoy exceptional benefits:

  • Learn from experts affiliated with top-performing industries, businesses and academic institutions in China
  • Access cutting-edge labs and prototyping facilities
  • Learn design thinking skills and strategies for building and launching startups
  • Develop technical solutions for hardware and prototyping projects
  • Tour the greater Shenzhen ecosystem for immersive, behind-the-scenes takeaways
  • Meet investors, corporate officers, disruptive startups and other ecosystem players
Empowering Innovation Excellence

As a leading institute of research excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KAUST shapes innovation impact with a complement of outstanding assets, including its globally recognized faculty and subject experts; world-class facilities; advanced training and specialized equipment; and network of partnerships with Saudi industries, ministries and academic entities in fields such as telecommunications, energy and environmental engineering, materials design, computer science and bioscience, to name a few. 

Why Shenzhen
Silicon Valley of China

One of the most technologically-advanced cities in the world, Shenzhen is dubbed the “Silicon Valley of China” for its record of research innovation, commercialization and economic output, with many important industries and institutions headquartered there.  

The ShenTech sponsor, Shenzhen InnoX Academy (InnoX), is among the high-profile institutions in partnership with KAUST. Its technology ecosystem and advanced training camps attract outstanding talent from around the world to further innovation projects and investment. InnoX founder Dr. Zexiang Li is an honorary Distinguished Professor at KAUST who serves on faculty in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Prof. Li is the founder of XbotPark, a global startup incubator focusing in robotics and smart hardware, and he is the co-founder of DJI, a unicorn world leader in developing, manufacturing and selling drones.   

The ShenTech curriculum draws upon Dr. Li’s vast experience in the Shenzhen ecosystem, and participants will have many opportunities for direct engagement with key players and accomplished founders in the Greater Bay Area. 

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Travel to Shenzhen, China 

January 2-19, 2024

Shenzhen Bootcamp

Uncovering the Secrets of Billion-Dollar Ventures
Shenzhen's Pioneering Success Stories

Shenzhen is a worldwide incubator for successful startups and unicorns. The following companies are successful offsprings of the Shenzhen ecosystem, valued at more than $1 billion each for their groundbreaking, impactful technologies, surpassing benchmark goals for growth in less than ten years. What can we learn from these startups? At ShenTech, meet these and other startup founders and hear their insights on the strategies that helped them succeed. 


DJI is a world leading drone company — the 20th most valued unicorn in the world, with a market share of over 70% worldwide, and a value estimated at more than $15 billion US dollars. Its drones offer professional and consumer applications in filmmaking, agriculture, search and rescue, energy infrastructure, and other capabilities. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with additional offices in Germany, Japan, South Korea, the US and China. 

Ecoflow Technology Ltd

Ecoflow Technology Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of energy storage batteries for home and business applications. The rising unicorn is based in Shenzhen, China, with operations around the world. Ecoflow is valued at more than $10 million USD. Notable investors include leading supply chain and manufacturing companies, among them, Sequoia Capital China and GL Ventures. 


Narwal is a unicorn startup that produces auto-detect robotic sweepers and mops for homes and businesses. Since its inception in 2016, the company has steadily risen in value to now command approximately 15.00% of China’s robot vacuum cleaner market. 

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